Unique Solar has a Dedicated Team, Well-Trained, to Provide You with the Best Solar System for a Most Affordable Investment

James Ford, Owner & Founder

“I founded Unique Solar in order to provide my family, friends, and neighbors a way to fight against the utilities’ rising energy costs. Solar is the way to go and the future of electricity generation. Protect your money by investing in a system to lock in a predictable and fixed cost. Save money, get a tax credit, increase your home’s value, and set yourself up for the future. Let me know how I can help!”

Brian – Energy Consultant

“I am currently employed as a Construction Stormwater Inspector with a local Civil Engineering Firm. I am inspired to show you how Unique Solar can build a system tailored to your needs, allowing you to reap the benefits of a wonderful investment. My wife and I purchased solar for our own home a couple of years ago. We no longer spend our hard-earned money with the utility company. Let me show you how you can do the same!”

Clare – Energy Consultant

“As a recent graduate of Sacramento State University, soon to be entering graduate school, I love being a part of the Unique Solar team. Did you know that California leads the nation in self-generated power? Help our state reach our net-zero goals by going solar today! I am happy to show you how you can reduce your carbon footprint with clean energy, start saving money, and reap the benefits of this investment.”

Danielle – Energy Consultant

“I am a special education teacher with a passion for helping people. Over the last decade, I have taught and spent my summers in the construction industry. I am inspired to help people learn about solar and how they can save money. As a single mom, raising two teenagers, I understand the value of this. I would love to sit down with you to design a system that meets your needs, taking into consideration your lifestyle, comfort, budget, and future plans.”

Jerry – Energy Consultant

“As a consultant who knows the value of relationships; It energizes me to help families and individuals regain “power” from corporate entities. Let me ensure the money for electricity stays where it should be; in your pocket!”

Michelle – Energy Consultant

“I work full time in the medical field because I love caring for and helping people. I feel passionate about solar because it also helps people. When I am not working one of my two jobs, I enjoy anything outside! Allow me to show you how you can have a better quality of life by going solar! “